When you are a mostly solo indie dev. Life can get complicated. Often times choices need to be made between working on your project or working to make money or just dealing with whatever life throws at you. And sometimes there are periods where you feel uninspired or perhaps it’s hard to put yourself in the right state of mind to work on a silly game when more serious not-silly things are happening in daily life.

Anyway. It’s a new year and some of the things hindering my development the past couple years are behind me and I am back to working regularly on Potato Planet!

I am trying to make sure I at least get something done every day. Even if it is fixing a minor bug or tweaking some small thing. (Thanks to @DavidWehle for this inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5f7yixtQPc)

I’m Back! #ScreenshotSaturday Feb 06 2021

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