Idaheau Potato Fragrance Now Available

Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter! Although we did not reach our goal and get funded, development will continue on Potato Planet! For anyone who would like to directly support development of the game, we have put the Idaheau fragrance up for sale. Each 10ml roll-on bottle will keep you smelling like a lovely buttery baked potato while we continue work on Potato Planet! As an extra thank-you, we’ll also send a download key for the game once it launches. head on over to to buy now!

#ScreenshotSaturday 03-26-16

Ever get so mad that you crashed your spaceship you decided to shoot potatoes at it?

When you shoot potatoes they now splat instead of bounce. Also, if something gets in the way of your tractor beam while holding an object, it will lose hold of it. Also it is now more visually apparent that the large amounts of mashed potatoes left behind are slippery.